I am a design professional out of the greater Philadelphia area. In 2011 I earned my degree in Fine Art with an emphasis in Industrial Design from James Madison University. My first job out of college was designing and making baseball bats for Major League Baseball players. A few years into the workforce, I transitioned from craftsman to designing graphics for bats and ads for the company. It was then that I turned my career path from industrial designer to graphic designer.

As a result of my fine art and industrial design background, I have been able to tackle designing from a more unique point of view. From creating beautiful pieces, to problem solving, to functionality, I can create from all aspects. My strengths include print production, illustration, branding, typography, apparel design and 3D rendering.

As a graphic designer for 5 plus years, I have gained experience in not only graphic design but also in marketing and package design. I have been involved in advertising projects for healthcare (AmerisourceBergen) to local gyms and most recently the food industry at Perfection Snacks.

I look forward to bringing my unique experience and background to solve design challenges and help future clients enhance their brand image setting them apart from competitors.